Street Food Festival Heraklion 2019

Street Food Festival Chania 2019

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If you thought you wouldnt find ethnic flavors at Street Food Festival you guessed wrong.
Massala House will be there to take you on a journey to world of Indian cuisine!!!  

The most "original" pizza experience awaits you at Street Food Festival Chania. For the first time in our city.  Try the most legendary hot dog & burger at origlinal corner !!!

They say Nes is one of the most known experts of Italian cuisine who promices to give you a tasteful unforgettable experience at Street Food Fest Chania.   

The very famous doughnuts of Kissamos and it's sweet crepe are bound to leave you with the sweetest Street Food flavor.  

Another surprise awaits you at the 1st street food festival chania !!! From Heraklion comes our favorite seafood souvlaki !!! The ultimate fish street food !!! You can not find it every day !!! 

It is one of the most beloved destinations for burgers and not only burgers!!! Jay Jay's Steakhouse Burgerhouse is here with flavors that you will not be able to resist!!!  

Mexican flavors at street_food_festival_chania 
OH YES!!! Enjoy the best nachos with chiliconcarne at jay jays burgers corner!!! 
Simply exotic!!! 

You may not be able to find Arabic Cuisine in Chania, but that is not the case at the 1st Street Food Festival Chania! At the Aladin corner shop you will be able to taste selected Arabic dishes at the biggest ever festival in the island of Crete!!!  

Street Food Festival Chania proudly welcomes, the biggest chain of cannabis shops in Greece and the only specialised cannabis store in Crete.  

Estrella Chania meets Street Food Festival Chania...can it get better than this?  

From Farsala, far away from Crete, comes the most original Halvas of Farsala and the unique Halvas with chocolate!!! The multi awarded Halvas of Mr.Alexopoulos will be part of the 1st Street Food Festival Chania. 

Most Greeks start their day with coffee. Choose your favorite coffee or drink from the rich variety of Stelios throughout the street food festival !!!  

It is with great pleasure that we present to you another participant at Street Food Festival Chania. Our beloved Move On will be there to offer sweet & salty crepes for those street food fans. Be ready for another special tasty experience!!! 

If you are a burger or hot dog fan you won't be able to resist the flavors of RnD Burgers & Brunch!!!  

Young and older visitors of Street Food Festival Chania will have the opportunity to taste the most juicy and tasty souvlaki on a stick.  

The most famous and pure ingredient in Cretan nutrition couldn't be missed from Street Food Festival Chania. Meet Olive Oil's a jewel!!! 

It is with great pleasure that we welcom another participant to Street Food Festival Chania!!! 
Royal Carry House travels all the way from Athens to take part in our festival, bringing with them Indian flavors that you will love!!! 

We proudly welcome Just Veronesi to Street Food Festival Chania, with it's top quality ice cream "kayak". We have a date on 10-11-12 May, at Agyia Exhibition Center!!!

What can be better than having the young generation of students from IEK Apokoronas welcome you with a special treat!!! We would like to thank them for participating and supporting the festival, along with the Municpality of Apokoronas.  

Angelia Handmade accessories is preparing special handmade accessories and souvenirs for the young and older visitors of Street Food Festival Chania. Thos who visit the festival will have the opportunity to leave with something to remind them of the special Street Food experience.